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Mandatory Fields

It is possible to configure SuperCROSS to require specific fields or measures in a table. SuperCROSS will not allow the user to perform the cross tabulation unless the mandatory field(s) have been added to the table.

If a user attempts to cross tabulate a table that does not include the mandatory field(s), SuperCROSS displays the following warning message:

The user can choose one of the following options:

Add DefaultAdd the field to the table and perform the cross tabulation.
Recode and AddOpen the Define Recode window to recode the mandatory field.
CancelCancel the cross tabulation.

Configure Mandatory Fields

Mandatory fields are configured in the ssii.ini configuration file. In a default installation, this file is located in C:\ProgramData\STR\SuperCROSS\Catalogue

From version 9.9.3 onwards, this feature supports summation options in addition to fields.

To specify mandatory fields, add the following section (each dataset you want to configure mandatory fields for must be listed on its own line):

<dataset_id>=<list of mandatory fields with each one enclosed in angle brackets>

For example:

bank=<Gender><Marital Status><Customer Profit>

This specifies that:

  • For the Retail Banking dataset (ID: bank) the Gender and Marital Status fields are required.
  • For the people dataset, the Occupation field is required.

Specify Field Names or IDs

In most cases you can either specify the field name or the field ID, although if you are using a multilingual dataset then you must specify the ID. You can find the ID using the following command in SuperADMIN:

cat <dataset_id> <field_name>

For example:

> cat bank "Marital Status"
[ XTAB Field : 'Marital Status' ]
    [ ID : 'SXV4__Retail_Banking__F_Customer__Marital_Status_FLD' ]
    [ Value Set : 'SXV4__Retail_Banking__C_Marital_Status' ]

The ID returned is in the following format: SXV4__<dataset>__<fact_table>__<field_id>_FLD. In this example, the ID of the Marital Status field is Marital_Status.

Qualify Field Names

If you have duplicate field names across different fact tables, then you can qualify which one you are setting as mandatory using the following format:


You can either use the names or IDs (unless you are using a multilingual dataset, in which case you must use the IDs). For example:

bank=<Marital Status/Customers>


How do I Find the Dataset ID?

To specify mandatory fields, you need to know the dataset ID. There are a number of ways to find this out. One way is to use the cat command in SuperADMIN.

Another way to find the dataset ID is to:

  1. Create a table in SuperCROSS based on the dataset.
  2. Save the table in TXD format.
  3. Open the TXD in a text editor and check the header information, which will include the dataset ID. For example:

        DBID "bank"
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