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Overview and Architecture

SuperSERVER is the power behind the entire SuperSTAR product suite:

For more information on the rest of the SuperSTAR family, see Overview.

Components and Architecture

The main components of a SuperSERVER installation are:

SuperSERVER SAThis is a C / C++ based high-performance cross-tabulation engine. It is the main component of the SuperSTAR product suite.
SuperADMIN SERVERThe SuperADMIN Server is a standalone Java process providing authentication, access control, configuration management and search services.
SuperADMIN ConsoleThe SuperADMIN Console is a standalone Java process providing a command-line interface for managing SuperSERVER configuration data. The SuperADMIN console can be installed on client machines, but it is a mandatory component for the management of SuperSERVER.

See Port Usage for details on the ports used by each component.

The following components are optional, although they are installed if you select the default installation options:

Metadata Server

The Metadata Server is a standalone process that serves two purposes:

  • It allows you to add additional information (metadata) such as descriptions of tables and fields.
  • It allows you to create fully multilingual tables by providing translations for database strings such as field names and field values and for any metadata.
Indexing Utilities

The Indexing Utilities are a set of scripts that assist with setting up metadata and search indexing.

Production SystemThe Production System performs batch processing of tables. It is a command-line utility suitable for integrating with scripts for high-volume batch processing of tables. The Production System may be installed on client or server machines, communicating with SuperSERVER or standalone.
Data Control API

The Data Control API allows organisations to apply their own post processing to the SuperSTAR data output, for example to add customised annotations or apply confidentiality by modifying or concealing results.

There are some Data Control plugins provided with SuperSERVER, and you can also use the API to write your own. There is sample code provided to illustrate the use of this API.

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