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Rate Limiting and Token Duration

Rate Limiting

You can use rate limiting to limit the number of emails that can be sent to any one email address within a specified time period. To configure this, add the a section similar to the following to the SuperADMIN local.conf configuration file. If you installed to the default directory, this file is located in C:\ProgramData\STR\SuperADMIN\server\config\local.conf.

str.stellar.registration.ratelimit {
      time: 1 hour
      requestCount: 5

The above example configuration means that user registration will not send more than 5 messages per hour to any given email address.

You will need to restart the SuperADMIN/SuperSERVER service to apply this change.

Token Duration

By default, verification links sent to users by email will be valid for 4 hours. To change this, use the following command in SuperADMIN:

cfg global superadmin.selfreg.tokenDuration set <time>

Replace <time> with the time period in minutes or hours.

For example:

cfg global superadmin.selfreg.tokenDuration set "2 minutes"
cfg global superadmin.selfreg.tokenDuration set "4 hours"



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