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Rebuild an Existing SXV4

If you close SuperCHANNEL after having built a SuperSTAR database, and then subsequently open the project again, SuperCHANNEL will detect that the target database exists and will open it in "update mode". Existing columns in the target database will be greyed out. You will be able to add new mapped columns, and update the data in the existing target database, but you will not be able to modify the settings for previously mapped and built columns or rebuild the entire target database.

If you wish to edit the existing mappings and rebuild the database, you must remove or rename the existing SXV4 file before you open the project in SuperCHANNEL.

The following is an example of SuperCHANNEL in update mode. The previously mapped columns are greyed out in the Target View:

If you want to change the design of the SXV4 and rebuild the database from scratch, you must:

  1. Close SuperCHANNEL.
  2. Delete or rename the existing SXV4 file.
  3. Reopen SuperCHANNEL and load the project file again.

    The Target View is no longer greyed out so you can modify the target database design and rebuild the SXV4:

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