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The sa_weightings.xml file is used to configure weightings for databases added to SuperSERVER. There must be one weightings XML file for each weighted database.

File Name


For example, if the SXV4 filename is Survey.sxv4, the weighting file must be named Survey_sa_weightings.xml

LocationThe same location as the SXV4 database file. For example C:\ProgramData\STR\SuperSERVER SA\databases


<DATABASE_WEIGHTINGS dbid="VISTA0709WDWE" formula_file="formula.xml">
    <WEIGHT id="Trips level replicate weights" type="Replicate" level="TRIPS">
    <COEFF measure="all" weight_id="Trips level replicate weights">
        <VAR id="G" value="10"/>
    <RSE_CONFIG formula="bootstrap"/>



Root node. This node has the following attributes:

  • dbid - The ID of the database this weighting file applies to.
  • formula_file - The name of the formula XML file.
  • code - Set to code or label to indicate whether the file refers to fields by display names or codes.

The start of the weighting factor definitions. This node has the following attributes:

  • id - The ID of the weighting. For a single weight this should be the display name of the weight field; for replicate weights it can be any name.
  • type - the weighting type (either single or replicate).
  • level - the name of the table that the weighted field comes from.
For replicate weights only. One entry per replicate weight. The name must be the display name of the weighted field from the table in the database.
The end of the weighting factor definitions.

The start of the constant coefficient used in the formulas. this node has the following attributes:

  • measure - Either the ID of the measure that this coefficient applies to, or all if it applies to all measures.
  • weight_id - The display name of the measure (must be the display name of a column in the database).
<VAR ... />

The coefficient definition:

  • id - the name to be used in the coefficient formula (displayed in SuperCROSS).
  • value - the value of the coefficient.
End of the coefficient definitions.
<RSE_CONFIG ... />

Sets the formula for calculation of Relative Standard Error (RSE).

Prior to version 9.7, it was necessary to configure a data control plugin to calculate RSE values. From 9.7 onwards this now runs automatically for all SuperSERVER weighted databases, and will use the jackknife formula for calculating the RSE. You can still configure the plugin if you wish to change some of its other settings, although if you just want to change the formula then you can do this by editing the setting in the weightings file (if both are configured then the plugin settings take precedence).

This node has the following attribute:

  • formula - the formula (either bootstrap or jackknife).
End of the database weighting definitions.
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