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Advanced JQM Configuration

This section describes some advanced configuration adjustments you may want to make to Job Queue Manager. You should install Job Queue Manager and confirm that the basic functionality is working before making any of these changes.

Job Expiry and Removal

By default, jobs will not be removed from the database. Click here to find out how to configure SuperWEB2 to automatically remove old jobs from the database.

Timezone and Date Format

By default, SuperWEB2 uses GMT to display the time a job was added to the job queue and time it will expire. Learn how to change this to your preferred time zone.

Server Outages

You can configure how often Job Queue Manager checks for server and network outages. You can also configure it to send an email when it loses connection and again when it reconnects. Learn more.

Job Queue Status and Priorities

Administrators can review the status of jobs and check for errors by reviewing the database directly. Learn more about the possible job statuses and what they mean.

SuperWEB2 Customisations

If you have customised SuperWEB2, then you must make sure that any customised resources (such as custom table labels, copyright statements, and language resources) are available to Job Queue Manager. Learn more.

Compression Level

Job Queue Manager compresses the data when it writes output to the database. You can change the compression level to either reduce the file size or increase the processing speed. Learn more.

Queue Processing Frequencey

By default, Job Queue Manager checks for new jobs to process every 10 seconds. You can change this setting. Learn more.

Display Name

If you have multiple Job Queue Manager instances running against the same database, you may wish to set the display name. This name is displayed in the database, and will allow you to tell which jobs belong to which Job Queue Manager instance. Learn more.

Field Level Security and Data Control

If you are using field level security, you are recommended to set this up before creating saved tables and queries in SuperWEB2. Changes to field level security may cause problems with existing saved tables. Learn more...

Support for Concealment and Not a Number

If you have modified SuperWEB2's default settings for Concealment or Not a Number, you need to make the same configuration changes to Job Queue Manager. Learn more about changing the Job Queue Manager settings for concealment and NaN support.


You can configure the amount of logging information that Job Queue Manager writes to its log files. Learn more.

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