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The formulas XML file is used to configure the text string that describes the weighting, which will be displayed in the Summation Options section of the Fields list.

When weighting is configured at the SuperSERVER level, the format of the formula file is the same as the file used locally by SuperCROSS. However, the only part of the file that SuperSERVER reads is the <LABELTEMPLATE> node.

File NameDefined in the weightings file.
LocationThe same directory as the weightings file.


<WEIGHTFORMULAS id="type1"> 
    <TAGS measure="measure" measure2="measure2" weight="weight" level="level" all="all"/> 
    <LABELTEMPLATE expression="Weighted sum of %MEASURE"/>

SuperSERVER will replace %MEASURE with the name of the weight. Please note that unlike SuperCROSS, SuperSERVER does not process %FUNCTION or %WEIGHT. If these values are included in the label template of a SuperSERVER formulas file then they will be displayed in the clients as %FUNCTION and %WEIGHT.

SuperSERVER does not read any formula definitions from the formulas.xml file. The formula definitions for SuperSERVER weighting are defined within SuperSERVER itself.

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