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The following is an overview of the elements available in the SuperCROSS interface:

To start creating a table, simply drag and drop a field onto one of the axes.

You can nest multiple fields on a single axis (as shown in the example here: on the row axis the Occupation field is nested under the Gender field). There is no limit to the number of levels you can nest fields on a single axis, but you are recommended not to have more than 3 or 4 levels. It can be difficult to interpret the results if there are too many levels.

Fields Window

The Fields window displays a list of all the available fields and recodes:

The Fields window contains the following sections:

SectionKeyboard ShortcutDescription

A list of all the available fields. Drag and drop a field to add it to the table.

If a field is displayed in bold then this indicates that either:

  • The field is currently in use in the table.
  • The field has been recoded from its default.
Add Total With Default Recodes If you select this check box then a total will automatically be added to your table whenever you add an un-recoded field to the table. See Row and Column Totals and Percentages for more information about totals.
RecodeAlt+RClick to recode the selected field. You can also do this by double-clicking a field. See Recodes for more information.

Click to add the selected field to the table. The first field will be added to the column axis, then the row axis, then the wafer.

Alternatively, drag and drop the field onto one of the table axes.

LoadAlt+LLoad recode definitions from a file. See Save and Load Recodes for more information.
DeleteAlt+DDelete the selected recode. You must remove the recode from the table before you can delete it.
RemoveAlt+VRemove the selected field from the table.
SaveAlt+SSave recode definitions to a file. See Save and Load Recodes for more information.

Search Fields

You can search for a field in the list. Right-click the Names section and select Find. The Find Label dialog displays:

You can choose the following search options:

OptionSelect To...
Search In StringMatch partial strings within field names. By default, the search will only match partial strings from the start of the field name (for example, searching for Age will match both Age and Age Groups by default). Selecting this option configures SuperCROSS to match partial strings anywhere within the field name (for example, searching for Open with this option selected will match Customer Open Calendar Date, Customer Open Finanical Date, and so on).
Match CaseOnly match if the case of your search string matches exactly.
Search In Value SetsSearch field values. By default the search only considers the field names. If you select this option the search will include the field values too.
DirectionChoose whether to search up or down the list from the currently selected field.



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