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Perturbed Population Estimate Variance


Used in conjunction with other modules to update RSE for sums to take into account the effect of perturbation. This module adds the ability to perturb the population estimate values in the variance cube. In order to use the module, you must have the FREQ cube enabled and have a ZTable available to lookup the correction value.

  • Continuous Perturbation
  • Perturbed Continuous RSE

The Perturbation modules must be configured to run in the following sequence:

  1. Perturbation.
  2. Continuous Perturbation.
  3. RSE Calculation.
  4. Perturbed Population Estimate Variance.
  5. Perturbed Mean Variance.
  6. Average Cell Weight.
  7. Perturbed Continuous RSE.
  8. Perturbed Count RSE.


method addmethod <method_id> [{table|mandatory}] [<display_name>]
method <method_id> adddcplugin <plugin_id> perturbedpopestvariance [<priority>]
method <method_id> <plugin_id> addproperty FREQ "true"
method <method_id> <plugin_id> addproperty ZTABLE <ztable_path>


The following example shows the configuration of the Perturbed Population Estimate Variance module in context but does not show the full configuration for the other modules (refer to the reference pages for the individual modules for more details about their configuration).

method addmethod MethodID

method MethodID adddcplugin Perturbation perturbation

method MethodID adddcplugin ContPerturbation continuousperturbationmodule

method MethodID adddcplugin RSECalculationModule rsecalculationmodule

method MethodID adddcplugin PerturbedPopEstVariance perturbedpopestvariance
method MethodID PerturbedPopEstVariance addproperty FREQ "true"
method MethodID PerturbedPopEstVariance addproperty ZTABLE "C:\\config\\ztable.csv"

method MethodID adddcplugin PerturbedMeanVariance perturbedmeanvariance

method MethodID adddcplugin AverageCellWeight average_cellwgt

method MethodID adddcplugin PerturbedEstimates perturbedestimates

method MethodID adddcplugin PerturbedContinuousRSE perturbedContinuousRSE

method MethodID adddcplugin PerturbedCountsRSE perturbedCountsRSE
method MethodID PerturbedCountsRSE addproperty ZTable "C:\\config\\ztable.csv"


 Enables the frequency cube. This property must be set to true.

The location and name of the ZTable. This must be the same ZTable as used by the Perturbed Counts RSE module.

The ZTable is a CSV file containing two columns with no header:

  • The first column is a list of contributor counts.
  • The second column contains the correction value for those contributor counts.

Any backslashes in the file paths must be escaped with an additional backslash (forward slashes can also be used but do not need to be escaped).

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