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RSE Poor Table Check


Uses the RSE cube to check table reliability against a configured threshold.

DependenciesRSE Calculation Module

The RSE modules must be configured to run in the following sequence:

  1. RSE Calculation Module (the calculation module must run first, as the poor table check requires the RSE cube that it generates).
  2. Any other configured modules that update the RSE cube.
  3. RSE Poor Table Check.
  4. (If required) RSE Suppression Module.

The RSE Calculation Module now runs automatically whenever you have a dataset configured to use SuperSERVER weightings. It only needs to be configured if you want to change any of its settings. If you do not specifically configure the RSE Calculation Module it will automatically run before any other RSE modules.


method addmethod <method_id> [{table|mandatory}] [<display_name>]
method <method_id> adddcplugin <plugin_id> rse_poor_table_check [<priority>]
method <method_id> <plugin_id> addproperty UnreliableRseThreshold <threshold>
method <method_id> <plugin_id> addproperty UnreliableTableThreshold <threshold>
method <method_id> <plugin_id> addproperty UnreliableMessageSuccess <message>
method <method_id> <plugin_id> addproperty UnreliableMessageFail <message>


method addmethod MethodID
method MethodID adddcplugin RSEPoorTableCheck rse_poor_table_check
method MethodID RSEPoorTableCheck addproperty UnreliableRseThreshold "0.75"
method MethodID RSEPoorTableCheck addproperty UnreliableTableThreshold "0.8"
method MethodID RSEPoorTableCheck addproperty UnreliableMessageSuccess "Table passed reliability check"
method MethodID RSEPoorTableCheck addproperty UnreliableMessageFail "Table failed reliability check"


The RSE threshold for unreliable cell values. If a cell's RSE is greater than the threshold value that cell will be considered unreliable.
The threshold for unreliable tables. If the proportion of unreliable cells in the table exceeds this value then the table will be considered unreliable and the unreliable message will be shown.

A message that will be displayed if the table has passed the reliability check.

This is optional. If omitted the default value is "UnreliableMessageSuccess"


A message that will be displayed if the table has failed the reliability check.

This is optional. If omitted the default value is "UnreliableMessageFail"

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