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The SDMX (Statistical Data and Metadata eXchange) Technical Standards Version 2.0 format is a standard format for exchanging statistical information.

SuperCROSS supports loading and saving in SDMX format.

Limitations of Saving and Loading SDMX Files

  • Only fields and summation options that are actually in the table when you save to SDMX format will be available when you re-open the file in SuperCROSS.
  • Any hidden fields will not be saved in the SDMX file.
  • The following features are not supported and will not be available when using a table created from a SDMX file:
    • Grand Totals
    • Derivations
    • Annotations
  • User Defined Fields (UDFs) are supported and will be saved in the SDMX file (as long as the UDF appears in the table when it is saved). When you use the SDMX database in SuperCROSS, only Math UDF is in the summation options field list (the summation option that was used to create the Math UDF is not in the summations options).

Recodes in SDMX Output

If you have multiple recodes defined for a single field, then you will need to change one of the SuperCROSS settings. By default, SuperCROSS will use the value set ID to represent the recode in the SDMX output.

If you have multiple recodes defined for a single field, then you will need to configure SuperCROSS to use unique recode IDs instead:

  1. Select Edit > Options.
  2. Select the Configuration tab.
  3. Select SDMX Options from the drop-down list.
  4. Make sure Use valueset for codelist id and name is set to 0 - Disable.
  5. Click OK.

Saving Multiple Languages and Metadata to SDMX

If SuperCROSS is set up to support multiple languages and metadata, you can save this metadata and language information to SDMX. When you choose one of the SDMX output formats, the Saving to SDMX options dialog displays.

You can choose from the following options:

OptionSelect This Option To...
Save current table languageSave only the currently selected table language.
Save all languagesSave all configured languages in the SDMX file.
Save select languagesChoose the languages you want to save.
Save options as defaultSet your choices as the defaults for next time.
Don't show this dialog in futureNot show the dialog in future when you save to SDMX. You can re-enable it from the options (Edit > Options > Configuration > SDMX Options).

 Although you can save multilingual SDMX files in archive (.zip) format, you cannot currently reload these files into SuperCROSS.

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