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Change Default Summation Option - SuperWEB2

In SuperWEB2 you must have at least one summation option in the table at all times. When you first add a field to the table, SuperWEB2 automatically adds a summation option.

For example, for the Retail Banking database, the default summation option is a count of customers:

You can change the default summation option by modifying <tomcat_home>\webapps\webapi\WEB-INF\data\repository\RulesEngine.xml

Make a backup copy of this file before making any changes.

To change the default summation, you need to make two changes to the rules:

Step 1 - Define the Default Summation Rule

Locate the following section of code and remove the comments from the start and end (i.e. remove the <!-- and -->):

	<rules:EditRule name="OverrideDefaultSummationRule" 
		<rules:init-param name="Retail Banking" value="Customer Profit:MEAN"/>

This is just an example: it sets the default summation option for a database called Retail Banking as the statistical function Mean of the Customer Profit.

Step 2 - Uncomment the Rule from CDataOnlineEditRules

Locate the following section:

    <rules:RulesPipe name="CDataOnlineEditRules">
        <!-- <rules:rule-name name="OverrideDefaultSummationRule"/>    -->

Remove the comments from the OverrideDefaultSummationRule:

    <rules:RulesPipe name="CDataOnlineEditRules">
        <rules:rule-name name="OverrideDefaultSummationRule"/>

Once you have completed these changes, you will need to restart SuperWEB2 or the Tomcat service in order for the changes to take effect.

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