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Channelling on non-Microsoft Platforms - SNU

The SNU command line utility is a Java application. It therefore makes it possible to build target databases on non-Microsoft Windows platforms, such as Solaris and Linux.

The SuperCHANNEL GUI application is only available on Windows, so you will still need to design the database in SuperCHANNEL on Windows. However, once you have completed the design you can move your project file to the non-Windows platform and use SNU to build the database.

There are a couple of configuration adjustments you will need to make if you plan to use SNU on another platform:

Configure the JDBC Drivers

You will need to install the appropriate JDBC driver jar files on the machine running SNU, and edit the Linux version of the SNU script to ensure that the driver jar files are passed to SNU as parameters.

This is similar to adding the drivers to snu.bat on Windows. See JDBC Drivers - SuperCHANNEL for more information.

Edit the Project File

You will need to manually update any file paths in the project file so that they are appropriate for the platform you are running SNU on. Open the project file in a text editor and check the LOCATION attribute on the <DATABASE ... /> elements.

For example, the following excerpt from a project file defines the output location for the target SXV4 file:

<DATABASE DEFSUMTABLE="F_Customer" LABEL="RetailBanking" LABELFORMAT="None" LOCATION="jdbc:sxv4:D:\SuperCHANNEL\RetailBanking" METHOD="TARGET" NAME="RetailBanking">

In this example, the location includes the Windows file path D:\SuperCHANNEL\RetailBanking. You will need to replace this with the corresponding Linux file path. For example:

<DATABASE DEFSUMTABLE="F_Customer" LABEL="RetailBanking" LABELFORMAT="None" LOCATION="jdbc:sxv4:/home/username/RetailBanking" METHOD="TARGET" NAME="RetailBanking">
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