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COUNT_DEFAULT - Registry Table

Use the COUNT_DEFAULT registry table to define the default summation for a database. All SuperSTAR databases must have exactly one default summation defined.

You can either set the default summation to be a count of the number of records in a given fact table, or a measure within a fact table.

For example:

  • The Retail Banking database has two fact tables: Accounts and Customers. You could choose to set the default summation to be a count of either the Customers table or the Accounts table, depending on whether you want to count the number of customers or the number of accounts (these will be different values because a single customer might have more than one account).
  • Alternatively you could choose to make the default summation a measure, such as the Customer Profit measure within the Customer fact table.

Table Definition

Column NameData TypeSizePrimary KeySpecifies...
TABLENAMEstring128YESThe name of the fact table to use for the default summation.

(Optional): The name of the measure to use as the default summation.

Leave this blank to configure the default summation to be a record count from the specified fact table.


For example, the following COUNT_DEFAULT registry table specifies that the default summation is a count of records in the F_Customer fact table:

In SuperCHANNEL, the default summation is indicated by the blue cross and also in the Target Attributes:

The following example specifies that the default summation is Customer Profit:

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