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Silent Install and Uninstall - SuperCROSS

The installation package for SuperCROSS is built with Installshield, which supports "silent" installations.

This feature makes it easy to deploy SuperCROSS throughout your installation: you simply run the install once, selecting all your preferred installation options and saving these to an "answer file". You can then package this up and repeat the installation as many times as you need. Your chosen settings will automatically be applied without you having to select them each time.

Silent Install

To perform a silent installation, you first need to create an InstallShield "answer file" (setup.iss). This will contain all your required installation settings.

To create an answer file:

  1. Open a Windows Command window.
  2. Change to the directory containing the SuperCROSS installer.
  3. Run the SuperCROSS installer (setup.exe) with the /r ("record") switch, AND the GUID parameter (/ig) as below:

    setup /r /f1<responsefile> /ig{21E20379-9554-48A3-9B28-74537FE2755A}

    Replace <responsefile> with the name and location of the InstallShield answer file you want to create.

  4. Proceed through the installer and complete the installation. The installer will create the answer file and save your responses.

Once you have created your answer file, you can perform an unattended installation by running the SuperCROSS installer with the /s ("silent") option. For example:

setup.exe /s /f1"c:\SX\setup.iss" /ig{21E20379-9554-48A3-9B28-74537FE2755A}

You must either copy the setup.iss answer file to the same directory as the SuperCROSS setup.exe file, or run setup with the /f1 switch to provide the location of the answer file. The /f1 switch allows you to specify a fully-qualified alternate name for the setup.iss file (note that there must be no space between the /f1 switch and the file name).

The /f1 switch works both with /r to create the file and with /s to read it.

You can use the /f2 switch to specify a logfile for the operation. Once again, there must be no space between the switch and the file name.

Silent Uninstall

To silently uninstall SuperCROSS, record an uninstall answer file, and then run it with the /s and /ig switches. The GUID string must be the same as the one used for the install:

setup /r /f1<responsefile> /ig{21E20379-9554-48A3-9B28-74537FE2755A}

For example:

setup.exe /s /f1"c:\SX\setup_uninstall.iss" /ig{21E20379-9554-48A3-9B28-74537FE2755A}
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