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Record View

One of the key strengths of a SuperSTAR database is the inclusion of unit record data. The Record View feature lets you access the individual unit records that make up the values in the table.

For example, if you have a cell with a count of five, you can use a simple right-click action to view those five records. You might want to use this for auditing and verification purposes, or to create a marketing campaign to target specific customers.

When is Record View Available?

Record View is only available if the administrator has enabled Record View access on this database. Note that even if Record View is enabled, the administrator may have restricted specific columns from record view.

If you do not have permission to view individual records, then the Record View menu options will be greyed out.

Regardless of the permission settings, Record View is not available when viewing an aggregated cube (SuperCUBE).


  • Records that did not contribute to the selected cells because they had null values will not appear in Record View.
  • Records where values of User Defined Fields are null will display null values as blank strings so that the user can differentiate nulls from zeros.

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