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Block or Unblock an Email Address

When someone tries to register an account, the first step is to verify that they really do have access to the supplied email address by sending an email to it. If the user has supplied the correct address they click a link in the message that verifies that and proceeds to the next stage in the account creation process.

However, it is possible that the person submitting the registration form may have entered an incorrect address (either accidentally or maliciously). In that case someone who has not attempted to register an account will receive the verification email. 

There are two features in place to prevent people who do not want an account from being spammed with multiple verification emails:

Check Block Status of an Email Address

To check if an email address has been blocked, use the following command in SuperADMIN:

userreg <email> blocked

Replace <email> with the email address you want to check. Do not enclose the email address in quotes. SuperADMIN will respond with either true if the address is blocked or false otherwise.

For example:

> userreg blocked

Manually Block or Unblock an Email Address

You can manually block or unblock an email address through SuperADMIN.

If someone has previously clicked the block link but subsequently decides to create an account then they will not be able to do so until you unblock their address.

To block or unblock an email address, use the following command:

userreg <email> blocked {true|false}

Do not enclose the email address in quotes.

For example, the following command unblocks the email address

> userreg blocked false is no longer blocked
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