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Add Databases and Tables - SuperWEB2

When a user logs in, SuperWEB2 displays the Data Catalogue, where they can select the database or table they want to work with:

Users can select the data they want to work with from the list on the left. This list includes:

  • All the databases installed on the SuperSERVER that the user has permission to access.
  • Saved system tables installed on the SuperWEB2 server. All users will be able to access these tables, as long as they have access to the database the table is based on.
  • The user's own saved tables. These will only be available to the user who saved the table.

For example, in the Data Catalogue shown here:

  • Retail Banking and people are databases installed on the SuperSERVER.
  • Customer Profit by Location is a saved system table.
  • Marital Status by Location is a user table, that has been saved by the currently logged in user.

Add a Database to the SuperSERVER

Use the cat command in SuperADMIN to manage the set of databases installed on the SuperSERVER and control who has access to which database. Learn more about managing the database catalogue.

Add a Saved System Table

To add a saved system table to SuperWEB2:

  1. Use SuperCROSS to define the structure of the table.
  2. Save the table in Textual Table Definition (.TXD) format.

    Choose carefully when selecting the filename. This is what will be displayed to users in the list in SuperWEB2, so you should choose something that describes the table contents.

  3. Copy the TXD file to <tomcat_home>\webapps\webapi\WEB-INF\resources\txd (the txd directory is not created by default, so you will need to create this directory if it does not already exist).
  4. Open SuperWEB2 in your browser and check that the table appears in the list of databases and tables:

Configure the Information Pane

On the right of the Data Catalogue, there is an information pane. This displays information about the currently selected database or table.

You can add your own custom text to this section by editing an HTML file located on the SuperWEB2 server.

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