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Create a Custom Group - SuperWEB2

You can use the My Custom Data tab to create your own custom groups of values, which you can then use in a table.

To create a custom group:

  1. Select the My Custom Data tab.
  2. In the section on the left, select the field values you want to group together and then click >>> to add them to the list in the middle.

    You can only add items to the group if they are all from the same field. If the field is a hierarchical field, then all the items must be from the same level in the hierarchy.

    For example, suppose we want to create a group from some of the States in the Area field:

    Step 1 - Select the states from the list.

    Step 2 - Click >>>

    Step 3 - SuperWEB2 adds the fields to the list in the middle.

    The Area field is a hierarchical field. We can add items from the State level, as these are at the same level in the hierarchy. However, we cannot add a mixture of items at, for example, the State and Post Code level, because these are different levels in the hierarchy.

  3. Enter a name for the group (must be unique and less than 255 characters long) and click Save Group. For example:

  4. SuperWEB2 adds the new group to the list on the right.
  5. Once you have created a custom group you can add the group to your table. For example:

Do not create a group that contains only a single item and has the same name as an existing item in the group. The SuperWEB2 tree control does not support this type of group.

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