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Large Tables - SuperWEB2

If you attempt to create a table containing a very large number of cells, then SuperWEB2 will automatically enter "large table mode". SuperWEB2 displays the following message:

In large table mode, you will no longer be able to use the Retrieve Data option. Instead you can build the structure of the table and then download the data as a file.

While you are building the table, an excerpt displays instead of the full table:

When you have finished creating the structure for your table, select a download format from the Download Table drop-down list and then click either Go or Queue Job (the option will depend on how your system has been configured):

Go Button

If the button says Go then click it to start downloading the file:

Depending on your browser, the file will either be saved to your default downloads folder, or you may be prompted to choose whether you want to Save or Open the file.

For example:

Queue Job Button

If the button says Queue Job then this means your system has been configured to use Job Queue Manager.

When you click the button you will be prompted to enter a table name:

Once you have supplied a table name and clicked Queue Job, you will be returned to the Table View. You can check the status of your query in the My Tables page:

You can also log out of SuperWEB2 and come back later. Your query will continue running in the background and you can retrieve the results from the My Tables page.

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