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Port Usage - SuperSTAR

SuperADMIN and SuperSERVER present a very small TCP/IP "surface area" that also makes effective layer three firewalling simple to achieve. This makes it easy to configure stateful firewall rules to control ingress and egress for the network segment in which SuperADMIN and SuperSERVER are installed.

As shown here, most ports only need to be open for internal communication between components.

Ports that Must be Externally Accessible

The following port is the only port that must be accessible externally:

8080 (External end-user connections to Tomcat)

Ports that Must be Internally Accesible

The following ports need to be accessible on your internal network for communication between SuperADMIN, SuperSERVER, Metadata Server, as well as the client applications:

SuperADMINSuperSERVERMetadata ServerSuperWEB2


9232 (CORBA IIOP protocol)

8005 (CORBA communications)8009 (Tomcat Shutdown port)

9231 (Java RMI-JRMP protocol - services)

9234 (Java RMI-JRMP protocol - registry)

Port Usage Overview

The following diagram shows the SuperSTAR Port Usage:

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