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Working With Tables - Totals, Percentages, Sorting and Codes - SuperWEB2

This section describes some of the options available when working with tables. It is assumed that you have already read guide to getting started and you know how to login to SuperWEB2 and create a basic table.


SuperWEB2 can automatically add totals to tables. Click the Totals icon

on the field name to show or hide the total for that field:


Use the option at the top of the table area to change the values in the table to percentages:

You can choose from the following options:

NoneDo not show percentages.
ColumnReplace the values in the table with a percentage of the total in each column.
RowReplace the values in the table with a percentage of the total in each row.
TotalReplace the values with a percentage of the grand total.


Click the arrows to sort the table:

Use the arrows in the column headings to sort based on the table values:

Use the arrows shown against the row field name to sort based on the row labels:

Use the reset button to revert to the original sort order:


By default, the field labels show the names of the values (such as Single, Married, Divorced, etc). Click the Codes icon

to display the field codes instead:

Automatically Retrieving Data

By default, whenever you change the fields in the table, you need to click Retrieve Data to run the cross tabulation and display the values.

To avoid the need to click Retrieve Data, you can select the Auto check box:

When this option is selected, SuperWEB2 automatically performs the cross tabulation whenever you change the table.

For performance reasons you may find it better to leave this option turned off, particularly if you are working with large tables.
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