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Use the Layer Control window to configure the main features of the chart and to add additional layers, such as annotations.

Select View > Layer Control to show or hide the Layer Control window.

You Can...Do This...
Add additional layers for charts or annotations
  1. Click the Add Layers button to show the Available Layers section (if it is not already visible).
  2. Select either Add new Chart Layer or Add new Annotation Layer.
  3. Click Add Selected Layer. The new layer displays in the list on the left.
Show or hide layers

Click the main button in the Layer section to show or hide a layer:

Configure layers

Click the Style button to configure that layer's settings (see below for more details):

Remove a layer

Select the layer and click Remove Layer:

Layer Style

Click the Style button to configure the layer settings:

The following settings are available:

NameThe layer name. Displayed in the Layer Control window.
Continuous Update
  • If you select the check box, the chart will update automatically when the table selection changes.
  • If you clear the check box the chart will not update. You can use the Update button whenever you want to manually update the chart.
Make Series FromConfigures whether the rows or columns from the table display as a series in the chart.
Reverse Order InSelect the check boxes, to reverse the order of the rows or columns from the order they appear in the table.
ExplorerClick to open the Chart Explorer.

Click to open the Chart Wizard.

TrendlinesClick to open the Trendlines window.
StyleClick Save Style to save the settings as a default. You can apply saved settings to a layer from the Defaults tab.
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