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Installation Requirements, Compatibility and Supported Platforms

This section defines the hardware and software requirements for the SuperSTAR suite of products.

This information is subject to change. Please contact customer support for advice or to confirm specific details.

Support Levels

The following table defines four "support levels", which are used throughout the compatibility tables in this section. 

Support LevelWill SuperSTAR Work?Bug Reports Accepted?
Not CompatibleNoKnown to be incompatible.No
Not SupportedUnknownHas not been tested by WingArc.No
CompatibleYesSupported but is not actively tested by WingArc.Yes
Actively TestedYesSupported and actively tested.Yes

Hardware and Operating System Compatibility

Server Components

32/64 bitMinimum
Service Pack
SuperSERVERSuperADMINSuperSERVICE ManagerProduction System
Windows Server 200864SP2CompatibleCompatibleCompatibleCompatible
Windows Server 2008 R264SP1CompatibleCompatibleCompatibleCompatible
Windows Server 201264
Windows Server 2012 R264
Windows Server 201664
Actively TestedActively TestedCompatibleCompatible
Windows Server 201964
Actively TestedActively TestedCompatibleCompatible
Amazon Linux 264
CompatibleCompatibleNot ApplicableCompatible
OpenSUSE 12 (x86-64)6412.3CompatibleCompatibleNot ApplicableCompatible
Ubuntu 1964
Actively TestedActively TestedNot ApplicableCompatible
RHEL 8 / 964
CompatibleCompatibleNot ApplicableCompatible
RHEL 7 / CentOS764
Not CompatibleNot CompatibleNot ApplicableNot Compatible
Other Linux (x86-64)64
CompatibleCompatibleNot ApplicableCompatible
SUSE Linux (Platform z)64
Not SupportedNot SupportedNot ApplicableNot Supported
The metadata utilities (supplied with SuperADMIN) are not available for Z Linux.

Web Server Support

SuperWEB2Open Data APIJob Queue Manager
Apache Tomcat 6.0.xNot CompatibleNot CompatibleNot Compatible
Apache Tomcat 7.0.x

Not Supported

Not Supported

Not Supported
Apache Tomcat 8.5.xNot SupportedNot SupportedNot Supported
Apache Tomcat 9.0.x

Compatible. Actively Tested with Tomcat version 9.0.63.

Compatible. Actively Tested with Tomcat version 9.0.63.

Compatible. Actively Tested with Tomcat version 9.0.63.

Web Server RAM Settings

If you use the supplied version of Tomcat to run SuperWEB2 then the scripts supplied with SuperWEB2 will allocate 4GB of RAM to Tomcat when it starts up, using the following Catalina options: -Xms4g -Xmx4g

We recommend increasing this to at least 8GB RAM where possible. Please contact us for assistance if you want to discuss Tomcat RAM requirements.

Java Requirements

SuperWEB2Java 11 (Oracle or Open JDK)
SuperADMINJava 11 (Oracle or Open JDK)
SuperCHANNELJava 8

Customers can choose to use either the Oracle implementation of Java 11 or Open JDK (the open-source reference implementation of Java 11). If customers choose to use the Oracle version then it is the customer's responsibility to meet any licensing requirements imposed by Oracle. Where Java is bundled with our installation packages, we use the Open JDK implementation.

Installed Client Applications

32/64 bit?Minimum
Service Pack
Windows 732 and 64SP1CompatibleCompatibleCompatible
Windows 832 and 64
Windows 8.132 and 64
Windows 10 Pro64
Actively TestedActively TestedActively Tested
Windows 1164
Actively TestedActively TestedActively Tested
Windows Server 200864SP2CompatibleCompatibleCompatible
Windows Server 2008 R264SP1CompatibleCompatibleCompatible
Windows Server 201264
Windows Server 2012 R264
Windows Server 201664
Actively TestedActively TestedCompatible
Windows Server 201964
Actively TestedActively TestedCompatible
Amazon Linux 264
Not CompatibleNot CompatibleCompatible
OpenSUSE 12 (x86-64)6412.3Not CompatibleNot CompatibleCompatible
Ubuntu 1964
Not CompatibleNot CompatibleActively Tested
Other Linux (x86-64)64
Not CompatibleNot CompatibleCompatible
SUSE Linux (Platform z)64
Not CompatibleNot CompatibleNot Compatible

SuperCROSS requires the .NET Framework (the installer will install this automatically if necessary).

SuperWEB2 Browser Support

Chrome - Latest ReleaseActively Tested
Edge - Latest ReleaseActively Tested
Firefox - Latest ReleaseActively Tested
Internet Explorer (Any Version)Not Compatible
Safari 15.6.1Actively Tested

Internet Explorer 11

Due to the age of this browser and the additional effort required to maintain consistency with modern browsers, Internet Explorer is no longer compatible with SuperWEB2.

Minimum Recommended System Specifications

The specifications required for the servers running SuperSTAR will depend on the number and type of tables being created and tabulated, as well as the size, structure and configuration of the datasets. The table below presents our minimum recommended specifications. When planning a deployment, the best approach is to start with the below recommendations and test some real-world tables (or monitor performance of the live system) and then adjust as required.

CPU Cores


AWS EquivalentCPU CoresRAM
AWS EquivalentNotes on Recommended Scaling Approach
SuperWEB2 / Job Queue Manager
24t3.medium28t3.largeFavour RAM (for example, memory-optimised instances in AWS if no appropriate general purpose instance).
SuperSERVER + SuperADMINWhen installed together on one instance.24t3.medium28t3.largeFavour CPU (for example compute-optimised instances in AWS if not appropriate general purpose instance).
SuperSERVERWhen installed on its own instance.22t3.small24t3.mediumFavour CPU (for example compute-optimised instances in AWS if not appropriate general purpose instance).
SuperADMINWhen installed on its own instance.12t3.small24t3.mediumProbably not required, but favour RAM if scaling. Scale within general purpose instances.
RDSWhen installed together for all components on one instance.22db.t3.small24db.t3.mediumProbably not required. Scale within general purpose instances.
RDS - SuperWEB2When installed on its own instance.11db.t3.micro22db.t3.small
RDS - Job Queue ManagerWhen installed on its own instance.11db.t3.micro22db.t3.small
RDS - SuperADMINWhen installed on its own instance.11db.t3.micro11db.t3.micro

SuperSERVER must be configured to take advantage of all available cores. See Performance Considerations - SuperSERVER for more details.

GIS and Mapping Compatibility

The SuperSTAR web products support the following mapping services:

Mapping ServiceSuperWEB2
ESRI ArcGIS Server 10.xCompatible. Actively tested with Arc GIS 10.8.1
Microsoft Bing Maps (in conjunction with ArcGIS Server 10)Not Supported
Google MapsNot Supported

Database Compatibility

The list of databases that have been tested as part of this release are shown below.

DatabaseSuperCHANNELSuperADMIN DatabaseSuperWEB2 - UDRJob Queue ManagerMdcorbaserver
Aurora MySQLNot CompatibleActively TestedActively TestedActively TestedNot Compatible
DB2 11.5CompatibleCompatibleCompatibleCompatibleCompatible
H2CompatibleCompatibleNot SupportedNot SupportedNot Supported
HSQL 2.2.8Not SupportedNot SupportedNot SupportedNot SupportedNot Supported
MariaDB 10.5.8Not SupportedActively TestedActively TestedActively TestedNot Supported
MySQL 8.0.25CompatibleActively TestedActively TestedActively TestedCompatible
Oracle 11g R2CompatibleCompatibleCompatibleCompatibleCompatible
Oracle 12cCompatibleCompatibleCompatibleCompatibleCompatible
Oracle 19cCompatibleActively TestedActively TestedActively TestedCompatible
PostgreSQL 10.17CompatibleCompatibleCompatibleNot SupportedCompatible
SQL Server 2019Actively TestedActively TestedActively TestedActively TestedActively Tested
Teradata Express SupportedNot SupportedNot SupportedNot Supported

H2 file mode is not supported by the SuperCHANNEL GUI and can only by used with SNU (the SuperCHANNEL Command Line Utility). H2 server mode works with both the GUI and SNU. 

The drivers that have been used for testing are shown in the table below:

DatabaseSuperCHANNELSuperADMIN DatabaseSuperWEB2 - UDRJob Queue ManagerMetadata Server (OBDC)
Aurora MySQL









ojdbc7.jar, ojdbc8.jar

ojdbc7.jar, ojdbc8.jar, ojdbc10.jar, ojdbc11.jarojdbc7.jar, ojdbc8.jar, ojdbc10.jar, ojdbc11.jarojdbc7.jar, ojdbc8.jar, ojdbc10.jar, ojdbc11.jar11.02.00.03

SQL Server





Teradata Expresstdgssconfig.jar;terajdbc4.jarNot CompatibleNot CompatibleNot CompatibleNot Compatible

Available Ports

The default installation of SuperSERVER and SuperWEB2 requires a number of ports to be available on your internal network for communication between components. See Port Usage for full details.

Accessibility Support

Accessibility standards exist to allow people with disabilities to be able to use websites. From version 9.12 onwards, SuperWEB2 complies with version 2.1 of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), as published by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). SuperWEB2 complies at the AA level. See Accessibility for more information.

Other Support

Citrix Remote Access

Citrix can be used to remote desktop to SuperCROSS.

Active Directory and LDAP Support

The following services have been actively tested:

  • Azure Activity Directory is supported via the Microsoft Azure Active Directory Domain Services Add On.
  • LDAP v3 is supported for user authentication and group membership. LDAP v3 is defined by IETF RFC 4510.
  • Microsoft Active Directory on Windows Server 2016 is actively tested.
Single Sign On / KerberosSingle Sign On with Kerberos is not supported by SuperWEB2. It is only supported for SuperCROSS and SuperADMIN running on Windows.
Virtualisation Support

The software is virtualisation-neutral and can run without modification on a virtualised server running any of our supported operating systems. The key point to keep in mind is that the SuperSTAR platform makes heavy use of CPU and disk. Providing adequate access to these resources is important for optimal performance and requires planning to achieve in a virtualised environment.

Discontinued Support

SuperCROSS ChartingSuperCROSS charting functionality has been discontinued. Please contact us if you still want to use charting in SuperCROSS.
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