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Graph View - SuperWEB2

Click the Graph View tab to generate a graph based on your current table:

Graphs in SuperWEB2 display a maximum of 216 data items. If your table contains more than 216 data items you need to reduce the number of data items in your table or export your table to another software application with graph functionality.

Use the options in the Customise Graph section to modify the graph.

You can close the Customise Graph section by clicking the Close button. This will maximise the amount of space available on screen to display the graph. Click Customise Graph to open it again.

The following options are available:

Select a type of graphSelect the graph type (e.g. Column, Bar chart, Pie chart, etc) from the available options.
Graph by

Select which series you want to display in the graph:

  • Graphing by row places the items from the table rows on the x axis of the graph and the values on the y axis.
  • Graphing by column places the items from the table columns on the x axis and the values on the y axis.
Selected series

This list contains all the field values from either the rows or columns (whichever one you selected for the Graph by option).

By default the graph will show all the field values. You can use this option to remove some of the field values from the graph.

When you have finished selecting the graph setting, click Update Graph to update the visualisation. If you prefer, you can select the Auto check box, in which case the graph will update automatically whenever you select one of the graph options.

You cannot save your graph; it is only available for the current session. However, if you save the table that you used to create the graph you will be able to reopen the saved table and then access the graph again via Graph View.

Download the Graph

To download your graph:

  1. Select the download format from the drop-down list:
  2. Click Go.
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