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Save and Reload Tables - SuperWEB2

You can save your tables inside SuperWEB2. Once saved, the table definitions will be available again the next time you log in to SuperWEB2.

If you are logged in as a guest user, you will not be able to save tables.

Save Tables

Click the Save icon to save the current table:

You will be prompted to enter a name for the table:

The name of the table must be less than 255 characters long.

Load a Saved Table - My Tables Tab

Once you have saved a table, you can access that table again from the My Tables tab.

  1. Select the My Tables tab.
  2. Click the table you want to reopen in the list to select it.
  3. Click Open Table.

    SuperWEB2 displays a message warning you that any unsaved table content will be lost (this means that the selected table will replace the currently active table).
  4. Click OK. Your saved table displays.

Load a Saved Table - Data Catalogue

You can also access saved tables from the Data Catalogue that is displayed when you log in to SuperWEB2.

You can also access this screen at any time from within SuperWEB2 by clicking the Select database or topic option in the top right corner:

Saved tables display on the Data Catalogue screen underneath the database they were created from. For example:

Double-click a saved table to open it.

Manage Saved Tables

The My Tables tab includes options for renaming saved tables, creating new copies of saved tables, and deleting saved tables:

To rename a saved table:

  1. Click the table in the list to select it.
  2. Enter a new name in the text box.
  3. Click Save.

To create a copy of a saved table:

  1. Click the table in the list to select it.
  2. Click Create Copy.

To delete a saved table:

  1. Click the table in the list to select it.
  2. Click Delete.
  3. Click OK to confirm you want to delete the table. Check that you are deleting the correct table, as there is no way to restore the table after you delete it.

Users have a limited amount of storage space for saving tables. You should delete any unused tables so you have space to continue saving your customised tables.

Large Table Downloads

If your system has been configured to use the Job Queue Manager feature, then the My Tables tab may also show details of large tables that you have queued for download. You can use the options to check the status of large table queries, download any tables that have completed processing, and manually delete the tables:

See Large Tables - SuperWEB2 for more information about using SuperWEB2 in large table mode.

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