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TXD Reference

Textual Table Definition (TXD) format is a textual description of a SuperSTAR table; it is one of the SuperCROSS save options and is the internal format used to save tables inside SuperWEB2. TXD files that have been saved in SuperCROSS can be loaded back into SuperCROSS as well as added to a SuperWEB2 server by the administrator. TXDs can also be used with the Production System for batch processing.

Typical uses for TXD files include:

  • Loading files created with an updated database that cannot be loaded via the standard SuperCROSS (.SCS) table load process due to a critical piece of metadata being too different.
  • Producing large quantities of predefined tables through an automated system in order to populate a warehouse system or for statistical publication (this is also possible using the Production System, but the TXD format provides greater flexibility and more scope for automation).

This section describes the TXD file format for SuperSTAR 9.0, and lists which TXD features are supported by SuperCROSS, SuperWEB2 and Production System.


The following notation is used throughout this section:

{ }
Optional element
( )*
0 or more occurances
( )+
1 or more occurances

The values used in the "load" column have the following meanings:

YesFeature is supported and used by this client.
IgnoredFeature is ignored on load and a default value is used when TXD is saved.
NoTXD containing this feature will not be loaded.
Pass-throughFeature is ignored by this client but the setting is preserved when the TXD is saved.

TXD File Format

Comments can appear anywhere in a TXD file. They can either be full line comments beginning with the hash character (#) or enclosed in { }

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