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You can add new items to a table field or axis, such as totals, sub-totals, percentages, rates, and differences. These are known as derivations.

Derivations can also include mathematical and statistical functions, such as the mean and standard deviation.

There are two types of derivation in SuperCROSS:

  • Field derivation - this type of derivation can use field items from a specific field in a table as variables. Field derivations are used directly in a field and become part of that field.
  • Axis derivation - this is similar to a field derivation, but can use any of the items in the axis as part of the derivation (in a field derivation you can only select values from a single field).

You cannot add derivations if you have turned on any of the options in the Calculations menu (such as Grand Total or Row Total). This is because derivations can be used to create totals, and therefore can corrupt the total and percentage values created via the Calculations menu.

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