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Metadata and Multilingual Tables

Metadata Server is an optional component of SuperSERVER that you can use to add additional information to your databases. There are two main uses for Metadata Server:

Multilingual Tables

You can use Metadata Server to create multilingual tables. Users can switch between languages in SuperCROSS:

Table in English:

User Switches Language:

Table in French:

SuperCROSS is also supplied with several language translations for the user interface. Users can change the interface language by selecting an option from the File > Language menu. You can add new user interface languages if your required languages are not available. See Add a User Interface Language for more information.

Adding Descriptive Metadata

You can use Metadata Server to add additional descriptive information to fields. This information will be available to users in SuperCROSS. For example:

If you only want to use descriptive metadata, and do not need multilingual databases, then there is an alternative option for metadata: you can define local metadata using text files and (optionally) static HTML pages. Learn more about this option.

Learn More

Read these instructions to learn how to configure Metadata Server.

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