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Customise the Temporary Recode Icon

Recodes (custom groups) in saved tables are added to the field list as "temporary recodes". By default, these temporary recodes are indicated in the field list with the symbol

Temporary recodes can be removed from the table, but doing so will also remove them from the field list.

Change the Temporary Recode Icon

If you wish to use a different symbol to indicate temporary recodes, you can change it by editing the value of tableView.schema.tableOnlyRecodeSymbol  in <tomcat_home>\webapps\webapi\WEB-INF\classes\ (and any other versions of this file for other languages that you support).

Please note that the .properties files require that any non-ASCII characters (such as Unicode symbols, characters with accents, and characters from non Roman alphabets) are converted into 8-bit printable form in order to display them in SuperWEB2. The default temporary recode icon is implemented as the Unicode dagger character. As you will see, this is represented in as its character code tableView.schema.tableOnlyRecodeSymbol=\u2020 

If you wish to use an alternative non-ASCII symbol character from the Unicode character set then you will also need to convert this to 8-bit printable form when entering the character into

If you do not want to display a temporary recode icon, simply set the property to an empty string.

After making changes to the properties files, you will need to restart Tomcat or the SuperWEB2 service to apply the changes. 

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